Walking at night you find some attractive ruins. Should you explore them?

WASD or arrow keys to move.

Space or R to restart a level.

M to mute the game.

Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(19 total ratings)
AuthorLe Slo
GenrePuzzle, Adventure
Made withGameMaker
Tags2D, Exploration, GameMaker, no-text, Short
Average sessionA few minutes


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You can basically free-roam the very first area, but if you go too far, the character becomes invisible.

However, I really liked the game ! I'll probably make a demake of it.

Satisfying puzzles and fun graphics. Thanks!


I won, and I feel I almost understood how.. First 75% aren't necessary, I think it could be shorter.. And the last lvls.. There's this rubics cube concept, when you switch to the other array of connected states by rotating corner cube, and normally it isn't allowed, but some irregularity can gain access to those.. I think it ended up as a main concept for every final lvl, but personally, for me state space is so unclear and small, that I found those state-bridges randomly just before I could GET the lvl... I find this problem in many puzzle games and trying to solve it myself..


the game just loops?


would love to know as well. seems like it. 


I very much like this game. Especially like the voice.

Great game. I love the transition between levels.

I have find your puzzles pretty fine realize. I need more it ! 

Thanks for this small game :)

This was relaxing to play! The art, music, and sound effects were all so good :)

Being able to jump past brick walls with the purple lights was cool and I wished there were more of those levels. 


Thank you very much! Probably there are more puzzles around the purple light, but some of the puzzles I've discarded had a very similar idea to those already present in the game. I also failed at understanding the combination between the different lights and that's why there are only a few of this nature. A problem I encountered is that interesting situations needed a lot of lights, which I find kind of ugly unless there is a good construction to that "final level"; unable to find that elegant ramp, I discarded most of the big puzzles.