Walking at night you find some attractive ruins. Should you explore them?

WASD or arrow keys to move.

Space or R to restart a level.

M to mute the game.


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the game just loops?

I very much like this game. Especially like the voice.

Great game. I love the transition between levels.

I have find your puzzles pretty fine realize. I need more it ! 

Thanks for this small game :)

This was relaxing to play! The art, music, and sound effects were all so good :)

Being able to jump past brick walls with the purple lights was cool and I wished there were more of those levels. 


Thank you very much! Probably there are more puzzles around the purple light, but some of the puzzles I've discarded had a very similar idea to those already present in the game. I also failed at understanding the combination between the different lights and that's why there are only a few of this nature. A problem I encountered is that interesting situations needed a lot of lights, which I find kind of ugly unless there is a good construction to that "final level"; unable to find that elegant ramp, I discarded most of the big puzzles.