This is the jam version of a game I'm currently working on. You can find the steam page here:

Aleph is the first letter of the hebrew alphabet, and it is silent.

Vowels in hebrew, are not letters (all their letters are consonants!), but symbols that can combine with other letters. This way Aleph can represent a specific sound.

This game was made for the #thinkypuzzlejam in less than 48 hours.

(Version recommended: Windows. Didn't have time to test on HTML5 and it may lag in certain computers/browsers, I'll take a look as soon as I can).

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
(8 total ratings)
AuthorLe Slo
Made withGameMaker: Studio
TagsAtmospheric, challenging, Difficult, Minimalist, Relaxing, Singleplayer
Average sessionAbout a half-hour


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Alephant Sokoban Windows 11 MB


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I love this. There's got to be more you can do! When it ended, I wanted more. I STILL want more.

Why not claimable?

I really wish there was an undo button. I like the game though.

Hi! There is one! Z key, and R to restart. I wanted to update the game, and I'm currently working on a much bigger version of this game, and that's why the game hasn't changed since the jam. Thank you for playing!

Oh, ok, thanks!


Great puzzle game. You managed to innovate in the “sokoban-like” realm in a jam game, which is pretty impressive by itself, but even if I ignore the fact that it’s a game made in 48h it’s still amazing.

Very elegant

(1 edit) (+1)

Very interesting and challenging mechanics, well done! Love the atmosphere and music as well.


Very nice game! A chill vibe and challenging puzzles which make use of interesting mechanics. Made it up to level 13 so far :)


Amazing mechanics! The first 11 levels were really good and I loved how you introduced all the nuances of the mechanics with seemingly impossible setups.

The other two mechanics introduced were also really neat and it feels like there's a huge possibility space to explore! I'm guessing due to jam constraints the level design there was rushed though; I managed to solve level 13 without using the new mechanic at all, by making a horizontal 2x1 block and pushing the vertical 2x1 block over.

Hopefully you expand on the second half of the game since the consequences of the mechanics are so cool :D


Very good!


I finished it. It was a good puzzle game that kept me thinking, figuring out new mechanics one after another. Well-designed and interesting.