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This is pretty cool! :D The bottom-right symbol (a line separating two L-shapes with a dot on the bottom L) was tricky to get for a while but eventually I got it, noice textless puzzle game~

its very hard

Why is it running so slowly for me?


The game is recommended to play on Firefox. I hear about some lag in chrome.Hope that fix the issue.

i beat the game sucessfully but i have no clue how i did it. Great game but very confusing.

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I very much like this game.

This is fantastic! I almost got it... I just couldn't figure out the symbol third from the right. Really great work!

One of my favorite games of 2018 so far. Really inventive and inspiring.

This game is amazing. LITERATE!


A strange and cryptic game about... well, cryptic writing. I guess the great idea is that when you begin playing, you feel like illiterate, and then if you get it right, you become literate. I guess nothing more to say than that it's both simple and complicated at the same time.

I'd like to invite you to take part in this year's Game Development World Championship!

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Solved every symbol and loved every second of it

Made an attempt at this on my channel, and I sorta, maybe, a little bit figured it out? Either way, I had fun. :P



I solved some symbols of it, but still don't know the complete logic behind it. Nevertheless, nice short puzzle game :)