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PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
(10 total ratings)
AuthorLe Slo
GenrePuzzle, Strategy
Made withGameMaker
TagsLudum Dare 48, Minimalist, Singleplayer
Average sessionA few minutes
LinksLudum Dare


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I don't know anything about the scoring, but the interactions are cool
The stone, the ice, and those other things are cool

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SCORE 102, I challenge you all.
Le Slo! Again, absolute best of the genre! Very elegant minimalism. Beautiful game-design, theme is awesome! 

I feel the mechanics are just perfect for enraging mistakes, so I see almost no reason not to include UNDO (exc for infinite regret cycle, but limit to 3 and solved)! For better scoring, maybe eliminating some randomness is beneficial, I'm trying to figure out lvl of randomness at the moment... 

Personally, I also find dynamics pretty monotonous after a few games: the process consists of minute improvements in heuristics, no memorable moments, like executing a long plan to create some valuable element. But I totally see how brittle established balance is and the number of elements is just right to keep it all in mind. But some really rare elements which you crave maybe ok, the problem will be strategic streamlining, though.

"Be the passage of time" - this is just ingenious. CONGRATULATIONS. (We need to solve your popularity, though!)

Wow, thanks for the super detailed and nice comment! 102 is an absolute wonderful score , top tier. My record is 108, but my next best is 101!
I completely agree with you:

-I never considered adding an undo but it could make sense (once a new layer is added you can no longer undo past that moment seams like a reasonable rule).
-The game is indeed monotonous once mastered. It may take 20-30 runs to make consistenly more than 90 points, but after the game rarely offers new situations.
-New rows consist of fire, water, mud and grass, and a 1/5 chance to delete any of those tiles. Maybe having different random rules for every couple of rows could create some flow in the levels, what if you had rows with 2 or more fires? What if there was a row filled with mud?  This might make the game less monotonous too.

I don't think I'll update Layers soon because of other projects, but just reconsidering the design is a very nice excercise, so thank you for your thoughts!


My high score at the moment: 86.

Personal tutorial: 

At first, you need to figure out what relationships between these tiles are: -2 meet -1=0; -1 meet -2=+4; -2 meet+2=-2; +1 meet -1=+1; -2 meet +1=+3; -1 meet +3=+1; 0 meet+1=+3(it need -2 near around).

Tips you need to learn after you remember all relationships: 

1. you need to turn -1 into +2 as fast as possible 

2. you need to move +1 near -2 as more as possible 

3. you need to use +4 to help you move rows or columns when one column of layers almost fill up 

4. don't move the cursor from -2 to -1 unless you need 2. 

5. you can't move +1 after it turn into +3 so be careful 

6. 0,+1, -1, +4 can be moved but they will cost steps in one turn too 

7. On the opposite, -2, +2,+3 can't be moved. 

Good luck! Hope this tutorial can help you a bit.


I can't even work out how to get started!


press space

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I love this game! (know that I know how to work it

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Sorry for the inconvenience, I just now fixed the bug of the game losing focus and not accepting inputs. Hope you enjoy.

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That is fine like I said this game is awesome. Keep up the good work


Sweet, very nice.


No bonus for getting all five stacks full?  :D

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Well done, love your explorable games, and this one is a great addition.

Got to 81, not bad I think. :)