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Hey, I made a video that featured your game




// Spoilers

It sure spooked me when the game took away my choice on day 40, lmao.

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Is there an end to this? Like, if I only go to work for a year, the game gives up and lets me off? I tried i for a month, but to no avail :s

I think the contrast between creepy "everyday" music and joyful slot machine music supports the atmosphere really well.

My last day:


There isn't a (good) ending, I debated whether to put a message  or not at some point, but in the end the lack of time took that decision for me. Either way, it still matches the theme, life goes on and any slip can lead to the ludo-path. 

Thanks for playing!


I fixed my car and i had an accident again imediately,

great game.


Interesting game! I like the slots + match-3 mechanic and how it can lead to chain reactions, as well as the way the game flows from "oh hey, this slot machine thing is kinda neat" to "oh gosh, now I have to return to that slot machine...and it's not just a 'for fun' thing anymore..." Haven't experienced any moments of gambling addiction and I don't mean to trivialize the feeling for anyone that has one, but Ludopath feels like a good glimpse at how such an addiction could arise.