Not that Common Egg-eater Snake is a single level puzzlescript game made for the Confounding Calendar.

Arrow keys / WASD   -   Move
Z - Undo
R - Restart

Made with Pattern:Script by ClementSparrow, a fork of increpare's PuzzleScript.

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(10 total ratings)
AuthorLe Slo
Made withPuzzleScript
TagsDifficult, Minimalist, PuzzleScript, Short, Top-Down


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Hints & walkthrough video

A nice brain teaser puzzle game
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Hey, love this game, great work, but I could really use a hint. I'm going to code my question in rot 13 so I don't accidentally spoil anything to anyone else.

V unir 3 rttf yrsg gb cynpr va gurve arfgf. V guvax gur frpbaq naq guveq-gb-ynfg rttf tb va gur gjb aneebj urnqynaqf ng gur gbc bs gur vfynaq. Ubjrire, vs V fubir bar rtt qbja n urnqynaq jvgu zl gnvy, gura V qba'g unir rabhtu rttf gb qent gur bgure rtt qbja gur bgure urnqynaq naq fcvg vg, naq V pna'g fubir vg vafvqr fvapr V qba'g unir rabhtu fcnpr, gurer'f n cbaq nobir rnpu urnqynaq gungf ceriragf zr sebz qbvat fb. Jung nz V fhccbfrq gb qb? V npghnyyl xabj ubj gb chg gur ynfg rtt ba gur yrsg bs gur vfynaq, fb gur bayl guvat V'z zvffvat, V guvax, vf ubj gb cynpr gur frpbaq naq guveq-gb-ynfg rttf.

Hi! Thank you for your words. Let me try giving you a hint:

Abg fher vs guvf vf gur uvag lbh ner ybbxvat sbe, ohg gur beqre bs cynprzrag bs gur rttf vf sebz evtug gb yrsg, fb lbh ner pbeerpg nobhg jurer gur guveq naq frpbaq gb ynfg rtt zhfg tb. V whfg ubcr guvf pyhr tvir lbh rabhtu qrgrezvangvba gb svaq gur fbyhgvba sbe gur frpbaq-gb ynfg rtt, orpnhfr lbh nyernql cebonoyl sbhaq gur bgure bar.

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Hey, thanks, I just solved it hahaha. Great game!

EDIT:  BTW was that determination thing an Undertale reference? lol

Oh, I never saw the edit! It wasn't actually a reference, but to be honest, whenever I use that word I can't help it but remember "you're filled with determination" from Undertale, hahaha


love all the mini epiphanies this game creates :)


Good grief! So much puzzle in a single screen, but it's incredibly satisfying to solve :)


Wow. Hard... Will come back to this when I have more time. Well done.