Metamor[ρ]hosis is a difficult mixture of side view and top down sokoban mechanics ready to be solved. 

WASD or arrow keys to move
Z to Undo
R to Restart

Joel Fox
The Thinky Puzzle Games Discord

Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(15 total ratings)
AuthorLe Slo
Made withPuzzleScript
TagsDifficult, PuzzleScript
Average sessionAbout a half-hour


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Bottoms up. Finished the game. Thank you again. My criticisms have only been my honest, if somewhat edited, reactions while playing your wonderful game. If I overreacted, I apologize. One thing I just noticed, the green target looks like a "p," which I assumed was for "rho." That is, it didn't read as a target. Make of that what you will. As for the direct link to the Rho Shelf, perhaps that might be placed on this web page in More Information or elsewhere for others.

This isn't the (or even a) solution to this puzzle? Jpeg attached. The crate is on the lone target. Nothing is still moving. No cork, once again. This has been a wonderfully challenging set of intriguing puzzles. And I thank you sincerely for them. But [SPOILER ALERT] when I finished what I thought was the last puzzle, I got smacked with this doozy. My triumph at finishing all 21 puzzles after two weeks of intense struggle was yanked instantly away. Then I hit "Next" and with no warning I find I can't get back, except to solve puzzle 21 again. You're a splendid puzzle designer and I don't want to discourage you with criticism, but this is not a good way to end your game.


-That's not a solution to the puzzle. What about the green target?
-Your triumph at beating the 21 levels shouldn't disappear, it is a huge achievement.
-I wanted to do a special extra secret level in the game (in general secret content is a good thing), but puzzlescript has its limitations, it was a risk not being able to select it from the Selection menu because it meant having to solve 21 again in order to retry this level. Mmm, to me its worth the risk, but maybe not for everyone. If you want to access that level directly, contact me at my email in my twitter bio.


FWIW re-solving 21 feels like a bigger deal than it actually is. Partly because your memory of the level tends to be shaped by how long it took to find the solution rather than how long it takes to implement the solution, and also because 21 is pretty generous space-wise, so the solution's a bit more forgiving to memory lapses.

I was delighted to get another level. I haven't solved it yet, but I'm 99% sure what I need to do with the green target, and have gotten (probably deceptively) close to a solution. And if it's what I think it is, then it seems like the perfect conclusion to your little puzzling monument.

Thank you so much for your words!

I feel you are almost there, you can do it! And your thoughts on 21 are relieving, I purposely put there a more forgiving level than some of the 4th shelf.


Level 15 is a masterpiece.

Finally, after days of dead ends, I had a brainflash while washing dishes. I doubted it several times while trying to execute, but eventually got to experience the sweet euphoria of aha.

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Another terrific puzzle set. However, "solved" jar 16 and no cork. My solution didn't register. Glitch or did I solve it an unusual way? I pushed one crate down in the water and the other up in the oil. Hope that makes sense. . . . Jpeg attached. I've also solved it with the small cross one space to the right as shown here.

Oh! Sorry about that, actually both, unusual way and glitch! I think I have solved both of them (at least the cork issue is sure solved). Sorry for the inconveniences and thank you for the report!

Okay . . . but 16 is now a different puzzle. Though I see now why you're so partial to that solution (and why it took me another couple of days). I guess I'm just surprised that covering all the targets isn't what's required, as in Sokoban. If a player has to find "the" solution as opposed to "a" solution, matters get even dicier, and hazier. This is commentary, not criticism. Greatly enjoying your game, as usual.

Oh, sorry, maybe I wasn't clear, that level in particular had a glitch where it was impossible to win, it didn't depend on the solution. On top of that, you found an unintended solution that I had to fix to ensure that players learn what they're supposed to in that level. But currently if you find another solution that's not the designed one, the level will be solved. Thank you very much for playing and leaving your thoughs!


Shelf 3 has some real mind-expanders! I had such confidence that this was going to work for 14, only to learn bitterly that these bottles will not accept a solution until everything is at rest.


Just about to start the third shelf, but thought I'd post a comment now because it might be some time before I get to the end! So far this has been one of the most satisfyingly challenging puzzles that's popped up on Itch. You know the level design is incredibly good when the mechanics are surprisingly complex and yet don't need to be explained in text.

This is certainly one of the highpoints of self-isolated self-entertainment so far!


Thank you very much for the kind words! I hope the game continues to challenge you in a fair and surprising way for at least a bit more during these weird times.